Sydney Chemists Now Also Offering AstraZeneca In Powder Form To Encourage Vaccinations

Community resistance to the AstraZeneca jab has led authorities to consider new ways of administering the vaccine.

“Our research shows Sydney residents are significantly more comfortable consuming the vaccine in powder form,” says Dan McIntyre from NSW Health.

That’s why, from midday today, pharmacies around Sydney will begin offering AstraZeneca as a powder, as an alternative to an injection.

“Those getting vaccinated will be asked to snort two large lines of the vaccine,” says Dan McIntyre. “Then after one month they’ll come back for their second two lines.”

“But they must snort it off their own mobile phone and use their own rolled up note for Covid safety reasons.”

NSW Health says it expects around 30,000 doses of the powdered vaccine will be administered in Sydney each month.

“We need a certain percentage of the population to get vaccinated, and this seems like an obvious solution,” says NSW Health.

As time of publication, DBT understands long queues have already begun forming outside Sydney chemists, particularly in the eastern suburbs.

More to come.