Spike In Demand For Grocery Home Delivery, As Shoppers Avoid Supermarket Xmas Carols

Australia’s major supermarkets are experiencing a huge surge in demand for grocery home deliveries in the lead up to Christmas.

“Home deliveries are up 542% over the last three weeks,” says Coles’ head of customer experience Dean Parkes. “We apologise for any delays in receiving your groceries.”

Shoppers tell DBT they’re avoiding in-store supermarket shopping in a desperate bid to side step Christmas carols.

“When I went to the supermarket last week, I just wanted a loaf of bread,” says Woolworths Double Bay customer Mark Tindle.

“But instead I got an earful of Mariah Cary, and a store that looked like a scene out of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Mr Tindle is among the many shoppers around the country who are now making large grocery orders for home delivery.

However he acknowledges that Christmas carols are inescapable.

“They’re also playing them at Rebel Sports and Kmart,” he says. “From now on I’m only using Click and Collect.”