“Sorry, It Was Unintentional,” Says Coles Shopper Who Admits To Underpaying For His Groceries

A self-checkout shopper has apologised to Coles after admitting to underpaying for his groceries.

“It wasn’t theft,” claims homeless man John Thomas. “It was just an honest mistake.”

It’s understood Mr Thomas unintentionally scanned avocados as carrots at the self-checkout, and bagged several expensive items without scanning them.

“The self-checkout system is very complex,” he says. “It’s easy to make a mistake, but I would honestly never dream of stealing.”

It comes as Coles admits to underpaying its staff $20 million over six years.

“Sorry, but the award wages system is very complicated,” says Coles’ CEO. “Honestly we didn’t mean it. I swear to god.”

Coles becomes the latest Australian company to admit to underpaying staff.

Other recents ones include: Woolworths, Bunnings, Qantas, ABC, Commonwealth Bank, Sunglass Hut, MAde Establishment, and Rockpool Dining Group.

All claim the error was made inadvertently, blaming the overly complex award system.

No Australian company has made the mistake of overpaying staff.