Social pressure forces woman to see the Barbie film 3 times in 2 days with all her different friend groups

BARBIE BURNOUT: Barbie-mania is taking its toll on one Sydney woman who’s already seen the much hyped film three times since its release yesterday.

Brigid Connelly says intense politics among her various friend groups is forcing her to see the movie way more than she’d like.

“Yesterday I went with my work crew and I couldn’t say no to my friend Laura and her sister who went last night,” she told DBT.

“And now I’m about to head into the 4:30pm session at Bondi Westfield with my other friends from yoga.”

Brigid Connelly says none of the different friend groups know she’s seeing the film more than once.

“A while ago I promised each of them I’d see it with them, so I want to make it seem exclusive for everyone,” she says.

“But it’s getting hard to act excited every time. Honestly I’m not sure how long I can keep up the charade.”

And the 26 year old says the Barbie marathon is not over yet.

“I have to see it again tomorrow with my sister,” she told DBT.