SAVING XMAS: Sydney Grandmother Announces Snap 3-Day Lockdown For All Extended Family

DICTATOR NAN: A local grandmother is taking drastic action to ensure a covid-free Christmas, as NSW case numbers continue to rise.

74 year old Helen Hudson is reportedly desperate for Christmas lunch to proceed as planned, so she’s announced a snap three-day lockdown for all extended family members.

“I know these decisions are not going to be popular,” she wrote in the family WatsApp group. “But we must take all precautions to ensure the health and wellbeing of our family.”

Under the snap lockdown, all Hudson family members are allowed out for one hour per day.

“Please stay home, except for essential shopping,” Ms Hudson wrote. “And today I’m also announcing that face masks are once again mandatory within supermarkets.”

Anyone caught breaching the lockdown measures face removal from the family Kris Kringle.

“Please take this lockdown seriously,” she wrote. “It’s only for three days. When Christmas lunch finishes on Saturday you can do whatever you want.”