Rose Bay teenager being treated for PTSD after having to visit the western suburbs to see Taylor Swift

SWIFT DOWNFALL: It was meant to be the concert event of a lifetime, but one Sydney woman says she’s been “to hell and back” after seeing Taylor Swift at Olympic Park.

“I’m having vivid flashbacks and nightmares,” says Cindy Kennard-Small, who is currently undergoing therapy for post traumatic stress disorder.

“Taylor Swift was amazing. But the whole experience was very degrading, especially being on a train. OMG gross!”

“I even saw one man near Accor Stadium wearing an Adidas tracksuit. I mean, WTF?!”

The Rose Bay teenager’s only previous journey into the western suburbs was a visit to Glebe markets a few years ago.

“Even that was an eye opener,” she told DBT. “But this trip to Olympic park has actually scarred me for life.”

The 17 year old is taking medication to help treat her condition, but her therapist says she may never fully recover.