REPORT: Local woman wishes her sugar daddy a ‘Happy Father’s Day’

WHO’S YOUR DADDY: In a cheeky twist to Father’s Day, a 28 year old local woman has extended her well-wishes for a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to her 54 year old sugar daddy.

“Ever since we met, you’ve been an excellent father figure to me,” Sarah Anderson wrote in a heartfelt text message to him this morning.

“I want to thank you for all the ‘support’ you’ve provided me over the past year.”

And the aspiring influencer’s text message appears to have paid off, with the sugar daddy reportedly flattered by the text message and transferring her an extra $500 in response.

“Such a great result!” Ms Anderson told DBT. “Now I just have to text my real dad. I’m running late for pilates, but hopefully I’ll remember to text him after that.”