Relief, As Staff Shortages Allow Diners To Talk Without Being Interrupted By Waiters Every 10 seconds

EAT IN PEACE: As staff shortages cripple large parts of the Australian economy, it’s providing a rare reprieve for one industry.

A new report shows restaurant patronage has increased 14% compared to pre-covid times, as diners enjoy eating and chatting without being interrupted by waiters every 10 seconds.

“It’s so nice to talk to friends without someone coming over all the time to ask if everything is ok, or to top up water glasses which are already basically full,” one woman told DBT.

“Normally we eat at home so we don’t have to deal with bored waiters constantly interrupting people having private conversations, but now we’re going out much more.”

Staff shortages are also proving to be an unexpected win for car wash services.

“Customers are more willing to use car washes when they don’t have to deal with workers relentlessly trying to convince them to get a more expensive wash,” say retail analysts.