Premier surprised people are leaving Sydney in droves, despite the closest thing to a half decent night club being a 6am run club

DAWN DISCO: The NSW Premier says he doesn’t understand the mass exodus away from Sydney, despite the city’s extreme cost of living and crippled night-time economy thanks to the lockout laws.

Sydney’s night clubs are slowly being replaced by run clubs, as locals are forced to find new ways to socialise.

“I used to be out partying till at least 6am,” says one former night club enthusiast.

“But these days 6am is when I’m just arriving at run club.”

And he’s not alone.

Thousands of young Sydney residents are being forced to trade in their dancing shoes for running shoes as the city resembles a ghost town after dark.

Coupled with a desperate shortage of housing and a cost of living crisis, record numbers are turning their back on Sydney for good.

“I just don’t get it,” says the NSW Premier Chris Minns.

“Sydney has so much to offer and who needs a nightclub when you can have a run club?”