POV: Moments after pulling out a bag at a North Bondi house party

LIFE OF THE PARTY: The mood at a North Bondi house party took a dramatic turn over the weekend after one of the guests took a bag out of his pocket.

“First everyone looked at the bag,” says Rod Jamison. “Then within seconds they were all looking at me and also trying to be my best friend.”

Until that point the party had reportedly been a laid back affair with guests politely sipping on drinks and snacks.

The emergence of the bag immediately shifted the party’s dynamic, with a sudden surge in Rod Jamison’s popularity.

“Everyone was looking at me, and trying to talk to me,” he says. “It was like I was the centre of the universe all of a sudden.”

The 27 year old quickly gained 17 new Instagram followers and three possible dates.

But his popularity was short lived as his bag quickly emptied, and someone else rang their dealer.