Pete Evans Now Delivering Dangerous Conspiracy Theories Via Mass Letterbox Drop

Pete Evans is making swift moves to restore his public image after Facebook shut down his page for spreading false information about Covid-19.

In a real estate agent style letter box drop, Evans is using his push bike to deliver neo-nazi, anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory pamphlets directly to Australian homes.

He’s currently combing the streets of Round Mountain in northern New South Wales near where he lives.

“I’ve done drops at around 1,500 letter boxes so far today,” he says. “Who needs Facebook! Mark Zuckerberg is a danger to society with his rampant censorship.”

The former celebrity chef says today is day 1 of what will be a month long mail delivery campaign aimed to ensure he stays relevant.

“Tomorrow I’m going further north to do a mass letter box drop there as well. “It’s important my content continues to be seen so people can know the truth!”