NSW Police Now Raising Revenue By Searching Cars For Loose Change

NSW police say driver safety is the main reason for a new initiative to seize loose change from cars.

“Coins are a safety hazard because car drivers and passengers often bend over to pick them up, sometimes while the car is in motion.” says Inspector Paul Markson.

That’s why NSW police have today announced the introduction of Random Coin Testing.

“Similar to Random Breath Testing, we’ll be pulling over cars and searching them for loose change,” says inspector Markson.

“Any coins found loose within vehicles will be confiscated immediately.”

Police admit Random Coin Testing will also be an important new source of state government revenue.

“We estimate there’s currently around $4 million worth of loose change in NSW vehicles.”

Random Coin Testing will commence on January 6 on undisclosed NSW roads.

Drivers are urged to keep all coins contained securely within the vehicle’s sealed compartments.