New Photo Captures The Moment Grace Tame Was Told The PM Shat Himself At Engadine Maccas

FULL STORY: A DBT photographer has captured the moment Grace Tame found out about an unsavory 1997 incident involving Scott Morrison.

“Don’t shake his hand,” an onlooker warned Grace Tame as she approached the PM today.

“He accidentally shat his pants at Maccas in the hours after the Cronulla Sharks lost the NRL grand final 25 years ago.”

Disgusted, Ms Tame initially refused to reach out and shake the PM’s hand, but when he reached out to shake hers, she was left with little choice.

“I relented,” she told DBT. “But I refused to look at him in the eye or smile. What a fucking pig.”

Immediately after the meeting, Grace Tame was seen applying copious amounts of hand sanitiser, but she told our reporters that it had nothing to do with covid-19.