Mother spends $45k on son’s b’day party, in desperate bid to make up for her own non-existent social life

TIME TO SHINE: A Rose Bay woman is accused of hijacking her own 4 year old son’s birthday, as a thinly veiled excuse to gain credibility among her local community.

Irene Hudson pulled out all stops, hosting an extravagant $45,000 birthday party on Sunday, including a petting zoo, a bouncy castle, and a live performance by the Wiggles.

“Irene is desperately trying to get back into the local social scene,” one guest told DBT.

“She’s joined book clubs, yoga classes, and even tried online gaming to find friends, but nothing ever sticks.”

Guests say even the party invitations were a clear cry for social validation.

Each exquisitely handcrafted invite included a desperate plea for adult conversation, disguised as a playful RSVP card:

“Yes, I’ll be there!.. And I promise to stay for a chat and a glass of wine,” read one option.

However DBT understands Irene’s son – the 4 year old birthday boy – spent most of the party crying and not talking to anyone.

“I just wanted to order a pizza from Domino’s and watch Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” he was heard yelling throughout the event.