Former NSW Premier Launches New Political Party: ‘Keep Sydney Closed’

Less than a month after leaving his job in banking, the former New South Wales premier has announced a move back into politics, and the launch of a new political party.

“Keep Sydney Closed aims to contain the spread of Coronavirus,” says Mike Baird. “We want lockouts and self-isolation to continue permanently.”

“This may also have the knock on effect of reducing alcohol fuelled violence.”

Mike Baird, who previously shut down Sydney nightlife in 2014 as NSW Premier, says Sydney-siders are handling the current lockouts ‘very well.’

“It’s because they’re used to it. We laid the groundwork and now they’re prepared.”

Baird says his proposal for permanent Sydney lockouts would include all bars, clubs, shopping centres and other non-essential services in Sydney’s entertainment precinct.

However one venue would be exempt.

“We’d be keeping Star Casino open,” he says. “People need at least one place to go and unwind, and if they don’t mind taking health risks, they probably like gambling also.”

Rival political party Keep Sydney Open founder Ben Simmons, says its disappointed with Mike Baird.

“First he took away our nightlife, and now he’s stolen our logo.”