Middle aged man completely unaware club playing all his favourite tracks is having a retro night

OLD SCHOOL: A local 48 year old man has returned to Sydney’s clubbing scene tonight after a 20 year hiatus.

David Marshall-Bryant wore his coolest clothes and trucker cap to a popular Sydney nightclub and shouted to nobody in particular: “Hey, they’re playing all my favorite songs!”

However the divorced father of two was blissfully unaware the club was actually hosting a retro night, playing only classic dance music from the 1990’s.

“How good are the Vengaboys?” he said, while dusting off his best dance moves from when he used to go clubbing at DCM’s and Byblos on Oxford Street.

“Oh wow, now they’re playing Groove Armada, I swear it feels like no time has passed since I was in my partying hey days.”

And David Marshall-Bryant’s night also ended like it always used to; at Kings Cross McDonalds trying to make small talk with people in between bites of a Big Mac.