Merivale confirms new Totti’s restaurant to open within the grounds of Kambala girls school

LADIES LUNCH: A popular Sydney restaurant chain is set to open its doors on the grounds of one of the city’s most expensive schools.

Early next month, a new Totti’s restaurant will begin trading at Kambala girls school in Sydney’s east.

“We want to make the Totti’s dining experience accessible to as many people as possible,” says a Merivale company spokesperson.

“And Kambala girls school is already a strong fit with our target demographic.”

Totti’s Kambala follows the strong success of other Totti’s venues such as Totti’s Bondi and Totti’s Rozelle.

“I can’t wait to go to Totti’s Kambala,” says one student.

“It’ll be much better than the tuckshop food, and finally I’ll have something to post about on Instagram during school hours.”

The trendy Italian eatery will be open to the general public outside of school hours, and all students will receive a 10% discount.

“Wow, I’ll be able to get a single serve of Totti’s famous bread for just $14.60,” says one student. “What a bargain!”