Man Who’s ‘Too Scared Of Covid’ To Return To The Office, Has Been Out Partying Every Night This Week

COVID EXCUSE: As many Sydney workers begin returning to their offices, others are trying to continue working from home.

Finance worker Carl Roberts has told his boss he’s ‘worried about covid and would like to keep working remotely.’

But separately he’s admitted to DBT that he’s been out drinking at the Coogee Pavilion every night this week.

“Freedom Day turned into Freedom Week, hahah” he told our reporter. “I’m not actually worried about covid. I’m just using it as an excuse to avoid the office.”

And he’s not alone. Paralegal Samantha Boyd says working from home gives her the perfect excuse to dodge generic banter with colleagues all day.

“There’s the odd work-related Zoom call, but apart from that I sleep in, surf the internet or watch TV in my pyjamas,” she says.

“It’s an absolute no brainer.”