Man Who Loves Working From Home Pretending To Be Sad About Extended Lockdown

A local sales executive is flexing his acting skills today, pretending to be upset about the extended lockdown set to be announced by the NSW Premier.

“I’m really missing all of you guys,” Ben Hutton told colleagues on this morning’s work Zoom call. “I miss the banter and the intensity of the office environment.”

However, the 31 year old has admitted to DBT that the extra week of lockdown is “the best thing that’s happened in years.”

“I might try a new career in acting after my performance on the Zoom call!,” he says. “I have no doubt all my colleagues legit think I want to see them.. hahaha.”

“Maybe I could get a gig on Home & Away or something?”

Ben Hutton has told his bosses he can do all his work from home with equal or more efficiency than going into the office.

That’s despite him averaging about 45 minutes per day of actual work from home in lockdown.

“I’m usually too stoned to do work while at home, but I like to put in a solid 45 minutes at the start of the day before I spark up,” he says.