Man Who Did 2 Chemistry Subjects At Uni Announces on Facebook: ‘We’re Flattening The Curve’

A man who screen-shotted a graph from and posted it as a Facebook status update has declared that we are ‘flattening the curve.’

“This is good news guys,” wrote David Moore. “We need to start reducing new cases so our hospital system can cope.”

DBT asked him why he posts such information to social media when it’s readily available in literally every media outlet.

“When I did chemistry 101 and 102 at uni I learnt a bit about viruses,” he says. “ I also did a few statistics subjects so I’m good with graphs.”

The 27 year old retail worker is calling for calm and vigilance.

“Guys we’ve still got a long way to go,” he says. “Keep washing your hands and please stay home. And don’t worry because we’ll get though this together.”

And he’s vowed to post to Facebook a handy bullet point summary of the Prime Minister’s next press conference tonight.

More to come.