Man under investigation after going overseas without posting a selfie at the departures sign

BORDER PATROL: A Sydney man is being questioned by police and immigration officials after failing to post the obligatory departures sign photo before going overseas.

“This is uncharted territory for us,” says NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb. “At this stage the man is under arrest, but no charges have been laid.”

Immigration officials have confirmed that Mark Reynolds’ passport shows he did in fact travel to Rome last month.

“But we’ve combed all his social media accounts to find no photo of him in front of the departures sign at Sydney airport,” says Karen Webb.

“The concern is that he’s avoiding drawing any attention to his travels as he may have something to hide.”

Further analysis of Mark Reynolds’ social media accounts also shows no trace of any photos of him at Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

It comes despite his claims to his friends that he was there two weeks ago.

“We’ve never come across anything like this before,” say police. “This is an ongoing investigation.”