Man re-watches his own Instagram story for the 24th time, after filming it, editing it & posting it

TIME TO REFLECT: Local man Dan Liddle has spent a large chunk of his Saturday afternoon obsessively re-watching his own Instagram story.

The 42 second video features a carefully curated montage of the flat white and avocado toast he had this morning at Bake Bar.

“I cant believe how well the video turned out,” Liddle told DBT. “The music, the lighting, the filters.. it’s top quality cinematography.”

“Each time I watch it, I get a deeper appreciation for how good it is.”

It’s understood it took the 29 year old account executive 2 hours to edit the video of his breakfast, including 30 minutes to select the music.

“I’m now thinking about updating my instagram bio to ‘Videographer,'” he says.