Man hides from colleague so he doesn’t have to say hi to him for the 4th time today

TAKE COVER: A Sydney office worker has gone to extreme lengths to avoid having to greet his co-worker for the fourth time in a single day.

“He’s a good guy and everything, but it just gets awkward after a few interactions,” says Will Franco, who has already spoken to Mark Thomas 3 times today.

“I’ve seen him in the kitchen, at the photocopier and in the corridor, and it’s only 1.30pm,” says Franco.

And, now with Mark Thomas walking near Will Franco’s desk, the 31 year old ad account executive has ducked for cover, lying on the floor underneath his desk.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” he told DBT. “We don’t have to deal with this stuff when working from home.”

The ordeal is raising questions about the number of acceptable daily greetings within an office setting, with some employees arguing for a strict ‘two ‘hi’ maximum’ policy.