Man Gaining Arm Strength By Forcefully Shaking Protein Drink Bottle

A local gym junkie claims to have gained 2 cm of muscle on his right arm by regularly shaking his protein drink bottle.

“I don’t drink much of my protein supplement because I don’t want the bottle to become too light,” says Felix Kirkov.

“It’s the weight of the bottle, combined with vigorous shaking that gets results.”

It’s understood his right arm has always been strong because of the vigorous exercise he does at home alone in front of the mirror.

“My core strength and conditioning allows he to shake my protein bottle very loudly while at the gym, he says.

“The louder the better. If lots of people can’t hear you, you’re not doing it right.”

Felix Kirkov’s is now turning his attention to building up his left arm.

“I’ve got a a lot work to do,” he admits.