Man completes transition into his 40’s by spending hours while away on vacation perusing property listings

LUXE LISTINGS: There are growing concerns for a 42 year old Sydney man who has seemingly lost the ability to relax and have fun while on holidays.

Like his parents used to do when he was a child, Greg Arnaud has spent large amounts of his Noosa vacation looking at property listings in real estate office windows, despite having zero intention of buying anything.

“I used to wonder why mum and dad would spend hours comparing Noosa and Sydney real estate prices, but now I totally get it,” Greg Arnaud told DBT.

As news of his real estate obsession spread, Greg Arnuad’s friends are questioning whether his behaviour is indicative of a midlife crisis or simply a natural progression into his 40s.

“I went out for ice cream last night on Hastings Street but we spent the whole night looking into real estate office windows,” one friend told DBT.

“It would be ok I guess if he was actually interested in buying something, but otherwise it’s quite disturbing to be honest.”

Fears for Greg Arnaud are mounting even further after he reportedly told one of his friends he was planning to go to an open for inspection in Noosa Junction.

More to come.