Man at Bondi outdoor gym refusing to do chin-ups unless there’s at least 10 people watching him

NUMBERS GAME: A regular at Bondi’s famous outdoor gym has boldly declared he will only do chin-ups if he has an audience of at least 10 people watching.

“It’s been pretty quiet down here so far today unfortunately,” Simon Sandova told DBT, while scanning the area for potential spectators.

“Chin-ups are a performance art, and every artist needs an audience.”

Witnesses say he’s been trying to attract attention by grunting loudly during his chin-up routine.

And he’s set up a small ‘viewing area’ complete with fold-out chairs.

Other fitness enthusiasts are not impressed.

“He’s a major show pony,” said one man. “Some of us actually come here to workout.”

But Simon Sandova says he takes no notice of his critics.

“Australia Day should be pretty big down here, so I’ll have a quiet night Thursday and be here bright and early ready for showtime.”