Man applies to go on Australian Ninja Warrior, after managing to avoid all the food delivery riders on Darlinghurst Rd

URBAN NINJA: In a stunning display of agility, balance and sharp reflexes, a Sydney pedestrian has defied all odds by not getting hit by a food delivery rider last night.

The impressive feat happened at around 7.15pm on Darlinghurst Road which was flooded with riders during the peak dinner delivery time.

“It wasn’t easy,” says Michael Stanley. “It starts with good vision. I scanned the entire area for oncoming riders, then I used my timing, anticipation and quick side step.”

“You have to be careful as most riders aren’t even looking where they’re going. Instead they’re focused on their mobile phones, navigating toward their delivery destinations.”

The food delivery industry has exploded in recent years, making it nearly impossible to walk down the street without being hit by riders, who are remunerated based on how fast they deliver orders.

Michael Stanley says he’s feeling so confident about his skills that he’s applied to be a contestant on the intense obstacle course reality TV show, Australian Ninja Warrior.

“If I can dodge a delivery bike then I’ll have no problems avoiding a swinging pendulum,” says Stanley.

“Maybe I could also audition to be in the next sequel of The Matrix.”