“We should totally grab a beer soon!” says old friend who never even replies to your calls or texts

ON THE BEERS: Sam Galoti suggested to his old friend Peter Manning they “catch up for a beer soon.”

That was 3 years ago, and Sam keeps suggesting it every time they bump into each other.

“It’s so annoying,” Peter Manning told DBT.

“He’s never actually suggested a time or place, but he always, always talks about it. I reckon he’s suggested it at least 20 times.”

The pair met at university 5 years ago and they later coincidentally worked together for 18 months.

Now they bump into each other on the street from time to time.

“Honestly I really don’t care if we never have that beer,” says Peter.

“Why cant we just sometimes bump into each other, without him having to talk about having a fucking beer?!”

In a bid to end the constant references to the ‘beer,’ it’s understood Peter took the initiative to actually suggest some times, but Sam didn’t reply.

More to come.