Man accused of going to Anzac Day Dawn Service directly from Club 77

BRAZEN BENDER: A local man has raised eyebrows at the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Martin Place this morning, due to his casual attire and extreme mouth movements.

Jason Gurner admits to coming straight from a large night at Club 77 nearby, and to having zero sleep last night.

“I was really excited to come and pay my respects to service men and women, both past and present,” he told DBT.

“And it’s easy to be up at 4am for the service if you don’t go to bed.”

Witnesses told DBT that he was acting respectfully during the service.

“But he was looking way too happy for the sombre occasion and he was gurning heavily,” said one onlooker. “His mouth was all over the shop.”

It’s understood Jason Gurner is now at the Watsons Bay Hotel waiting for everyone else to wake up and come play two up and get even more munted.