Lonely Planet releases its new travel guide; ‘Worst 4 Places In Sydney, 2023’

SYDNEY ICK LIST: Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has released its much anticipated ‘4 Worst Places In Sydney, 2023,’ with Bondi Icebergs sauna taking out the top spot.

“It’s an extremely dodgy sauna,” says the Lonely Planet guide.

“It’s full of sweaty old men leering at women and getting angry whenever someone opens or closes the door.”

“Plus, it absolutely stinks in there!”

Coming in second place is traffic on Parramatta Road.

“Among the most depressing Sydney experiences is getting stuck on Parramatta Road, a major arterial road connecting the western suburbs to the CBD. It’s like being in a car park, except you’re not allowed out of your car,” says the guide.

In third place is Circular Quay train station during Vivid.

“Many people only go to Vivid because they’re forced to by family or friends,” says Lonely Planet. “So getting crammed in with people from all over Sydney trying to get home really helps to cement any initial feelings of regret from going.”

And last but not least, Bondi Junction Mall.

“Known for its tired looking 1980’s architecture and independent discount chemists, this shopping metropolis is in desperate need of a bulldozer,” says the guide. “Just stick with Westfield Bondi Junction mall up the road, like everyone else.”