‘CONFUSED & CONCERNED’ Police called to Double Bay as locals spot a ute in the area after 4pm

OVERTIME: There was a rare ute sighting in Double Bay this afternoon at 4.17pm, more than a quarter of an hour after tradie knock-off time.

A white Toyota Hilux was spotted on Bay Street, clearly out of place among rows of expensive sports cars and SUV’s.

“What the hell is that ute doing here?” yelled one confused onlooker.

“I just finished eating a salad at Perons in my activewear and I wasn’t expecting to see anything like that at this time of the day.”

“Maybe they are lost, or maybe there’s some emergency situation happening.”

Police were called to investigate, but by the time they arrived the ute was nowhere to be seen.

“We’re urging everyone to remain calm,” says Detective Inspector Steve Forrest from Rose Bay police.

“There’s a chance the driver of the ute was a tradie just doing some overtime, but either way, we will continue to patrol the area.”