Local Woman Staying 1.5m From Her Husband At All Times

A Sydney woman is using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse not to touch her husband.

“Matt and I have been socially distancing for the last two months,” says Sonya Doman.

“I know infection rates are low, but I just want to stay safe and #StopTheSpread.”

But Ms Doman is accused of rarely going near her husband, even before the pandemic begun.

“Nothing’s changed,” claims husband Matt Doman. “She stopped being affectionate with me about 3 years ago when I got a beer gut. I’m lucky if she even says hello.”

DBT asked Sonya Doman if she has any plans ease social distancing restrictions around the house.

“No, I think we need to at least stick to the 1.5m rule,” she says. “I think this is the new normal.”