Local woman begins ‘Wholesome Byron Bay girl era’ after partying hard in Sydney for the last 6 weeks straight

STUNNING TRANSFORMATION: It’s been a busy summer so far for Sydney PR queen Chloe Montgomery-Masters.

The 31 year old has been overwhelmed by Christmas parties, PR activations and drug-fuelled benders.

But after arriving in Byron Bay yesterday for a 10 day holiday, she’s transformed from Sydney socialite to Byron Bay bohemian.

“I went straight to the lighthouse and posted a selfie with the caption ‘My wholesome Byron Bay girl era has begun.’

“Now it’s time to centre my soul and get back to nature,” she told DBT.

“Tomorrow I’m going to get up early and do a sunrise yoga session at the beach.”

She’s also updated her Instagram bio to ‘wellness expert.’

But friends on holiday with her in Bryon say Chloe’s escape from her hectic Sydney lifestyle has been short lived.

“We went to the Beach Hotel last night and then to a party at someone’s house,” said one friend.

“We still haven’t slept yet and it’s already 10.00am.”