Local uni student now smoking bongs 24/7 “because AI will take over most jobs, so why bother trying?”

PUNCH ON: A student at Sydney University has decided that doing anything except smoking weed and chilling out with friends is a huge waste of time.

Law student Eric Raine is not attending lectures or doing any study as he believes artificial intelligence will take away most job opportunities by the time he graduates.

“Seriously, what’s the point?” he asked our reporter. “There’s also a savage recession coming and probably World War 3 as well as a climate crisis.”

The 20 year old has grown a feral beard and says he’ll probably drop out of university soon.

“I’ll probably just max out my credit cards and just enjoy life as much as possible,” he says.

Economists and labour market experts who spoke to DBT say it’s “actually not a bad strategy.”

“To be brutally honest there’s a fair chance the world will not even exist beyond 2030,” they say.