Local real estate agent records double-digit sales growth after getting a new AI-generated headshot

TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Double Bay real estate agent Simon Schlick says his new AI-generated headshot has been “an absolute game-changer.”

“As soon as I updated my business cards, billboards and online profiles with the new photo, my phone has been ringing off the hook,” Schlick told DBT.

The new AI image makes him look younger and arguably more handsome, with better hair, a more flattering head shape, and a whiter smile.

“Clients trust a winning smile,” he says. “Even if it’s computer-generated.”

The 34 year old agent says his sales have doubled since getting the new image 3 months ago.

“Property buyers care much more about the agent than the actual property for sale,” claims Schlick.

And he’s urging other real estate agents to follow his lead.

“If we use trick photography to enhance property listings, then we should definitely be using AI to enhance our headshots,” he says.

“After all, I’m just trying to be the best version of myself.”