Local Personal Trainer Now A ‘Growth Marketing Expert’ After Boosting A Selfie On Facebook

A Bondi personal trainer has made a mysterious transition into being a ‘Growth marketing expert’ after boosting a Facebook post.

Despite having no qualifications except a Certificate IV in Fitness, Peter Gibbs is now offering advice on maximising profit.

“I’m showing businesses how to attract and engage new customers,” he says. “It’s all about leveraging digital platforms.”

The 31 year old’s sponsored post, features a selfie, and claims he can help businesses with ‘customer acquisition,’ ‘growth hacking’ and ‘result evaluation.’

“Once I learnt how to boost posts on Facebook, I felt the need to share my knowledge with others,” he says.

But a closer look his website uncovers little more than motivational quotes from US internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk.

“I’m still doing my regular personal training on the side because healthy body equals healthy mind,” says Peter Gibbs.

“But ultimately I’m now a growth marketing expert, so let me help you unlock your business success. Soon I’ll be running seminars.”

More to come.