Sydney marketing/PR executive sacked for attending a meeting without an oversized, brightly coloured water bottle

INSTANT DISMISSAL: A Sydney communications executive has been unceremoniously fired for turning up to a meeting without the mandatory oversized water bottle.

Account manager Meghan Smethurst only had a cup of coffee, leaving her manager disgusted and angry.

“You’ve really let us, and yourself, down!” said the boss. “This is a clear violation of our values.”

Other workers in the meeting reported a tense atmosphere as the young executive’s lack of an oversized water bottle became apparent.

“It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion,” one attendee recalled.

“You could feel the disappointment in the room.”

Meghan Smethurst was sent to the HR department and promptly dismissed for her failure to comply with the office’s strict water bottle guidelines, which require all employees to use oversized, brightly coloured water bottles as a display of corporate unity and hydration prowess.

“I will never make that mistake again,” she told DBT.