Local man now using Range Rover for ‘off road’ driving in Westfield Bondi car park

ADVENTURE MAN: Large speed humps and steep ramps within the Westfield Bondi Junction car park are proving no obstacle for James McCann.

“It’s actually quite exhilarating,” the 47 year old told DBT. “This is what 4WD’s are made for!”

McCann purchased his $200,000 Range Rover to help him navigate tricky ‘off-road’ situations around Sydney’s east.

“It’s been really good to have some extra grunt while going up those ramps in the car park at Westfield,” he told DBT.

“The speed humps in here are pretty steep too, so the extra suspension is handy.”

The father of three says his next adventure will be to take the car for a drive in wet conditions.

“Some of the puddles around Dover Heights can get pretty big,” he says.