Local introvert wearing sign to prevent predictable small talk while walking his dog

CONVERSATION STOPPER: A local man has taken a unique approach to avoid the mundane chit chat that typically accompanies dog walking.

Tom Halgos has begun wearing a sign around his neck with key information about his dog Holly to preempt any predictable small talk.

“People ask me the exact same questions about Holly; Her name, her breed and her age.”

“Wearing this sign allows me to answer all those questions, without having to get involved on a personal level.”

The reaction from fellow dog walkers has been largely positive.

“I agree with it,” says one man.

“Dog walkers should understand that our dogs can say hi, without us humans feeling compelled into generic conversations.”

“Actually, wearing a sign like that seems a bit odd,’ said another passerby.

“But then again, I often pretend to be on phone calls to avoid talking to people, so who am I to judge?”