Local influencer heroically survives this morning’s Instagram outage largely unscathed

SURVIVOR: A self-described ‘influencer’ has told of her harrowing ordeal this morning, when Instagram suddenly went offline for one hour.

“I was having my breakfast at the time,” says Jamie Rogers. “It felt surreal.”

“I took a selfie with my smoothie, but instead of posting it, I just drank the smoothie. Without any likes, comments, or shares. It was a raw, primal moment.”

The 24 year old Bronte woman with 33,000 followers (18,000 organic) was forced to confront life without the immediate gratification of likes, comments, and endless scrolling.

“My heart goes out to everyone else dealing with the outage today,” she says.

“I found it a deeply troubling ordeal,” she says. “All I could see on the screen was ‘Couldn’t refresh feed.'”

When Instagram services were finally restored, Ms Rogers marked her triumphant return with a stunning black and white photo of herself, gazing wistfully into the distance.

‘Adversity only makes us stronger,’ she captioned her photo.

She says anyone keen on checking out the photo should head over to Instagram and search @jamierogersinta.