Local Influencer Forced To Reassess Meaning Of Life Amid Instagram ‘Like’ Trial

For the last three years Phoebe Lenton’s life has revolved around amassing as many Instagram likes on her posts as possible.

“Likes equals attention and, as an influencer, attention equals money,” she says.

The self-described Influencer and brand ambassador has 18,123 instagram followers, most of whom, curiously, have Indian sounding names.

“These days I’m averaging about 76 likes per post,” she says. “It’s growing all the time.”

But her life purpose was today thrown into disarray following Instagram’s latest trial update.

“The changes mean people can’t see how many likes I get. What’s the fucking point!?” she asks. “My entire sense of reality is in limbo.”

It’s understood Phoebe Lenton is considering therapy to help adjust to her new world.

“It could take a while,” she admits. “In the meantime I’m going to have to dust off my Facebook fan page and start cultivating it again.”