Local Drug Dealer Quits Selling Amphetamines And Moves Into Rapid Antigen Test Kits

QUICK FIX: A Sydney drug dealer is moving into the lucrative new black market for rapid antigen covid test kits.

In an inner city warehouse, Marcus Shore says he currently has more than 12 thousand of the DIY at-home kits, with an estimated street value of $150,000.

“The demand is huge at the moment,” Shore told DBT. “My clients can come here to my warehouse to buy them off me, but I’m also open to doing delivery.”

The 31 year old also temporarily sold toilet paper when panic buying peaked last year.

The new underground market for rapid covid kits comes as chemists and supermarkets quickly sell out.

“The market is ally pumping at the moment,” says Shore. “It’s much more lucrative than selling pingers or rack.”

Police say they’re investigating.

More to come.