Local Biker Angry Nobody Watched Him Ride Loudly Down Darlinghurst Rd

A dejected Sydney motorbike rider is criticising pedestrians around Kings Cross today.

When Marc Hendricks rode his excessively loud motor bike down Darlinghurst road this afternoon, he says not one person looked at him.

“It’s unbelievable,” he says. “What else could these people have going on in their lives preventing from looking at me and my machine? They obviously have no idea about bikes.”

The 45 year old is keen to re-enforce his passion for motor bikes, but he’s quick to differentiate himself from motorcycle gang members.

“I’m not a bikie,” he says. “But I do have a menacing beard and have a very noisy exhaust system. People should be taking notice.”

Marc Hendricks says he’s considering relocating his Saturday afternoon attention-seeking rides to another location.

“I might head over to Oxford Street, where there are lots of people at bus stops and trying to relax and have conversations in cafes,” he says.

“I’ve also got some friends riding Glebe Point Rd which can get busy. I could probably join their run if I wanted.”