Local 58 Year Old Man Now Finally Confident Using The Supermarket Self-Checkout

CHECKED OUT: The transition to supermarket self-checkout has happened a little slower for some.

Wherever possible, 58 year old Harvey Walker still uses checkout operators to scan his groceries for him.

“Or if the supermarket only has self-checkout, I have to do my shopping at the local convenience store instead.”

However, over the last few months, rising grocery prices have forced Mr Walker back into the supermarket.

And there’s already been several occasions where he’s had no choice but to use the self-checkout terminals.

“It’s been a journey,” he admits. “Scanning fruit and veg is particularly confusing.”

“And normally the ‘Assistance Required’ screen comes up three or four times and I have to wait for store workers to come over and save me.”

But yesterday at Woolworths Bondi Junction, Mr Walker had a breakthrough.

“I scanned and paid for my groceries without the ‘Assistance required’ screen coming up even once!”

“It’s actually not that hard. I cant wait to go back and try it again.”

And he says he also has plans to one day learn how to order groceries for home delivery.