Kmart Reports Spike In Demand For Its $3 Plates, After Nadia Bartel Snorted A Line Off One

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Discount retailer Kmart is experiencing a wave of “unprecedented demand” for its ‘Grey Glazed Side Plates.’

It comes after a video leaked online of Melbourne influencer Nadia Bartel using one of the plates to do lines off.

“When I saw that Nadia was racking up on one of these plates, I just had to get a few myself,” one shopper told DBT.

“They’re actually pretty good plates. Completely microwave safe too.”

And the plate’s $3 price tag is proving irresistible to other shoppers as well.

They’re turning up in droves to Kmart Click & Collect to pick up their plates.

“Unfortunately we are now completely sold out of our Grey Glazed Side Plates,” says Kmart’s CEO Nick Sammat. “Influencer marketing is alive and well haha.”

The plates are now also now available on eBay for $25 each.

Kmart says more of the plates will be available online by this afternoon.

The retailer denies ever paying Ms Bartel to the plate featured in her video.

More to come.