“It’s so nice to leave the city and get out into the countryside,” says Bondi Junction man walking a lap of Centennial Park

“It also helps justify my man bun,” he says.

RURAL RETREAT: In a daring quest for tranquility and a taste of the great outdoors, a Bondi Junction couple has escaped the hustle and bustle of the city by going for a walk in Centennial Park.

“I’m so glad we didn’t get sucked into the weekend brunch scene at Bills Bondi again,” said Marc Drake to his wife.

“It’s like a whole other world out here.”

Armed with nothing more than designer sunglasses and their mobile phones, the couple traversed the park’s vast expanses of grass and trees, marveling at the sights and sounds of the natural world.

After completing their lap of the park and returning to the familiar sights of Bondi Junction, Marc Drake couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment at having conquered the wilderness of Centennial Park.

“I might apply to go on Survivor,” he said.