“It’s so good to be out in nature,” says woman in park while on a ciggie break during lunch at Catalina 

WILDLIFE: A Potts Point woman has rediscovered the joys of nature by stepping outside a swanky restaurant for a five-minute cigarette break in the park.

Maggie Tunstall was joined by her friend Max at Lyne Park Rose Bay, near where they were having Friday lunch at the upmarket seafood restaurant Catalina.

“Nature is so beautiful, it’s so good for the soul,” she said as she took in the sights and sounds of the park between puffs on her cigarette.

But their daring expedition was not without challenges.

A gentle breeze forced her to make several attempts at lighting her cigarette, but she eventually did so, all while maintaining balance in her designer stilettos.

After finishing her cigarette and stubbing it out on the grass, Maggie Tunstall pledged to spend more time in the great outdoors

“We should do this kind of thing more often,” she told her friend Max.

“Let’s do the Bondi to Bronte walk this weekend, followed by a drink at Icebergs?”