INSTANT ICK: Eastern suburbs woman forced to flee Hinge date after he showed up on a share bike

GHOSTED: A Bellevue Hill has told of the shocking moment her Hinge date arrived on a clunky green Lime bike, prompting her to make a swift exit.

“He didn’t even see me I don’t think,” Sally Gibbons told DBT. “I was out of there so quickly.”

The pair were set to have a coffee date at a Paddington cafe after matching on the app.

But when she saw him arrive on the share bike, complete with helmet and green bicycle basket, she says she got the “instant ick.”

“I get that share bikes are good for the environment, and he seemed like a nice guy, but I knew immediately it was never going to work out.”

“Couldn’t he have at least turned up in an Uber?”

It’s understood the man has since attempted to contact Ms Gibbons to ask why she was a no show, to no avail.

“I ghosted him and blocked him. Onwards and upwards,” she says.