Instagram unveils ‘mute’ option, for users who don’t want to see their friend’s Euro summer travel photos & videos

FOMO: Social media giant Instagram is taking trailblazing steps to help spare users from seeing endless European travel content.

“The European summer is a difficult time for many Instagram users who are stuck at work during the Australian winter,” says an Instagram spokesperson.

“So we’re giving users the option of muting any Euro summer photos.”

“It’s one of several initiatives Instagram is using to support our users’ mental health.”

Users looking to use the new mute option can visit: settings > Euro summer > mute.

“Our cutting edge image and text detection software can easily identify Euro summer travel photos, so you don’t have to see them if you don’t want to,” says Instagram.

The feature is reportedly being used extensively by people who cant afford to travel this year.

“I can’t even afford my groceries at the moment,” one Instagram user told DBT.

“I have no idea how so many people are flying around the world at the moment.”