“I’m so relieved the actors’ strike is finally over!” says woman who appeared once as an extra on Home & Away in 2017

BIG BREAK: A Sydney actor says the end of the actors’ strike in Hollywood will give her a much needed career boost.

“The strike has halted production in the USA, but it’s also impacted the film and TV industries in Australia,” says Marie Julanti.

“It’s been devastating to be honest. I’ve been forced to return to my regular job working as a sales assistant at Supre.”

With the six month strike now set to end, the 27 year old Erskineville woman says she’s looking forward to get back in front of the camera.

“Acting is my one true love,” she says. “I just have to find a new agent and then I’m ready to roll.”

Her comments come despite her only acting credit being an extra on local soap opera ‘Home & Away’ more than 6 years ago.

“If you look closely you can see me on a beach scene in the background behind Sam Frost,” says Marie Julanti.

“I’m a bit out of focus, and you can only see me from behind, but it was still a good role at the time.”

“I think I got $35 an hour.”

She told DBT that she’s also been for lots of other auditions since her appearance on Home & Away.

“But I just haven’t found a role that represents my views and ideals as an artist.”